The new Alienware
training facility

The new Alienware training facility

Team Liquid returns to its home city, Utrecht, to build a state of the art Alienware Training Facility worthy of 2020 esports. Innovative architecture of Het Platform by VenhoevenCS and the Alienware Training Facility by AHH and VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism sets the stage for an elite center with cutting edge technology. Team Liquid’s belief in holistic greatness ensures its players and teams have the best support, from nutritionists to sports psychologists. The new Alienware Training facility elevates the standard for a top of the line training center and workspace in esports.

"Being in a facility like this is a huge opportunity to those of us who want to push ourselves as far as possible. Every need you can think of and even those you didn’t are taken care of. Training in an environment so dedicated to gaming really helps you focus on being the best." iNsan1a
Team Liquid Dota2 Captain



Healthy Workplace

Built using bio-based linoleum, bamboo, ecoboard-BIO, and organic textile, the facility features 100% recycled glass and felt panels. A living wall, greenery, conscientious lighting, and non toxic worktop surfaces in the kitchen and acoustic surfaces create a healthy and comfortable workspace.