20 years ago in
Utrecht, Netherlands

Aerial photo of Utrecht city center
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“The world of esports has grown more than I've ever imagined when I started the team 20 years ago, and now I'm bringing my home city into that future.” Victor Goossens, Founder & Co-CEO

From a single clan tag on a solitary PC, Team Liquid has become one of the most successful organizations in the world of esports, spanning multiple games, teams, and continents. The team began its legacy in Utrecht, Netherlands, when founder and former pro StarCraft II player Victor “Nazgul” Goossens had a vision to build an organization providing pro esports players unparalleled training, a path to success post pro life, and a healthy gaming lifestyle.

Over the last twenty years Team Liquid has grown into a leading esports organization with record wins and global offices. In that time, the team never lost their home base in Utrecht, Netherlands. Team Liquid’s roots in Utrecht and a strong community of European fans made the city the top choice for a European headquarters.

Utrecht’s young population and large gaming community can celebrate esports and Team Liquid’s legacy just minutes from the city center. The new Alienware Training Facility manifests the values of Team Liquid in a physical space, making Utrecht a landmark city for esports. Team Liquid is thrilled to shape the industry from its hometown, looking to the future in the city where it all began.

Team Liquid Early Years

“We are happy to contribute to Utrecht's rise as the esports capital of Europe. We plan to stay in the city long-term and welcome major esports events.” Victor Goossens, Founder & Co-CEO


  • 102 Players
  • 12 Streamers
  • 18 Games
  • 120+ Employees
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